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What our customers say about Applied Labs

John Surdakowski

Applied has helped Avex scale our engineering team by providing fast and effective training, placement and support for our devs. Our developers are fully integrated into the team and we’ve drastically reduced churn and improved efficiency within our development department.

John Surdakowski


Michael Asher

Working with Applied Labs has positively impacted RFA, providing us with a highly skilled team. They’ve met our specific needs by sourcing the right talent. We recommend Applied Labs for those needing assistance with challenging projects and offshore team-building.

Michael Asher

President and COO

Our Approach

Our approach is rooted in a meticulous analysis of the problem at hand, enabling us to devise solutions that are technically sound while aligning with the business objectives. We pride ourselves on striking a balance between innovation and robustness, embracing cutting-edge technologies while ensuring the longevity, security, scalability, and interoperability of the solutions we provide.

 Our Approach

What we do best

  • Headless eCommerce

    Headless eCommerce

    Allows for greater flexibility and customization in designing the user interface and customer experience

  • Theme development

    Theme development

    Creating or customizing the visual appearance and layout of an online store

  • Platform Migration

    Platform Migration

    Transferring an existing e-commerce store from one platform to Shopify

  • Performance optimization

    Performance optimization

    Shopify Hydrogen/Oxygen, Sanity, Strapi, Contentful and other headless technologies

  • Product data management

    Product data management

    The process of organizing and managing the data related to the products you sell on your Shopify store

  • Shopify App Development

    Shopify App Development

    We can create a wide range of apps, including marketing tools, inventory management systems, customer service apps, analytics and reporting tools, and more

White-label partnership for Agencies

Consider us a seamless extension of your team, ready to tackle the most complex projects. We'll support you throughout the project lifecycle – from sales engineering and developing proof-of-concept to project execution, handoff, and ongoing maintenance. Think of us as an engineering powerhouse, propelling your agency's growth at every step.

White-label partnership  for Agencies

Engagement Models

Project Based

Project Based

Our project-based engagement model is ideal for complex projects with a fixed budget and defined scope. We leverage our team of senior engineers to conduct proper scoping, planning, and execution, with the option of white-labeling services.

Team Extension

Team Extension

This model is suitable for clients who require additional resources for short or long-term projects without going through the recruitment process. It can be limited to only one or two engineers.

Dedicated Teams

Dedicated Teams

Ideal for long-term projects with flexible requirements and vague scopes. Clients have complete control over the resources and can adjust the team size as needed.

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