We are Shopify Experts

We are a team of Shopify experts, who are helping some of the most successful eCommerce agencies overcome technical challenges and grow.

How We Help


    We help agencies win more business

    Joint Proof of Concept development We engage with agencies during the sales process and help them put together a joint Proof of Concept and present it to a client.

    Sales Engineering We work with you on the sales discovery process and assist in research, putting together presentations and questionnaires and participating in sales calls as technology experts on behalf of your company.

    vCTO on-demand Get access to an experienced team of tech professionals that helps you bridge the gap between your client's needs and develop an optimal solution.



    We help agencies deliver projects

    Advanced developers available for assistance We work with experienced developers with various skillsets. We're nimble enough to either jump into your project with our top dev team and knock it out of the park, and/or augment your existing dev team with additional Shopify developers in a POD structure (see below).

    Developer Resource Augmentation

    • Recruitment. We source, screen, interview and on-board resources for you.
    • Flexible scaling. Scale up whenever needed.
    • Agency branded developers. The resources operate as employees of your company, dedicated only to your projects.
    • Certified developers

    POD Model

    • Half - 2 Developers, half-time Business Analyst
    • Full - 4 Developers, full-time Business Analyst


    We provide ongoing support

    Monitoring Our team will be facilitating performance reviews of your resources evaluating their progress after three, six and twelve months.

    Production graphics We help you with production graphics as part of our ongoing support.

    Design Our experienced UI designers will be able to complement the ongoing technical support.


    How can we help you?

    John Surdakowski

    John Surdakowski

    CEO at AVEX

    Applied has helped Avex scale our engineering team by providing fast and effective training, placement and support for our devs. Our developers are fully integrated into the team and we’ve drastically reduced churn and improved efficiency within our development department.

    Michael Asher

    Michael Asher

    President and COO

    Working with Applied Labs has positively impacted RFA, providing us with a highly skilled team. They’ve met our specific needs by sourcing the right talent. We recommend Applied Labs for those needing assistance with challenging projects and offshore team-building.

    Build your Shopify team with confidence

    Applied Labs is dedicated to helping agencies fill the gaps in their teams by finding the brightest resources, seamlessly integrating them into existing teams and providing ongoing support so that the agencies can focus on delivering the best results to their clients.

    Our Partners
    • Avex
    • RFA