Phigora Case Study

Project details
  • Timeline

    November 2022 - present

  • Platform

    Shopify Liquid

  • Applied Labs role

    Providing Shopify Engineering resources

About Phigora

Phigora is your complete source for certified pre-owned luxury watches. They help customers purchase, sell, trade, and repair their luxury watches. Phigora's mission is to deliver and service pre-owned luxury watches while providing the highest caliber of customer care and watch education.

Why Applied Labs

Applied Labs provides expert Shopify engineering resources on-demand, while also helping with recruiting, training, onboarding and general HR services to help better manage the offshore team. The company is able to provide both the CTO level onshore consulting help for technical architecture design and a team of dedicated implementation Shopify engineers that brands can work with on a continuous basis.


Phigora has faced challenges in both attracting and retaining visitors to its Shopify store while effectively converting traffic into sales. Over time, the website’s code became cluttered due to numerous patches, and there was a pressing need for enhancements in design, functionality, and overall user experience.


Applied Labs involved its top technical team to create a code repository for version control & code deployments, as well as a staging environment for testing/QA. Followed by a full audit of the site’s codebase and a design review. A backlog of prioritized tasks was created with Phigora’s input, with functionality & layout enhancements that were made across the store. The design styling was standardized for consistency and updated to give the site a fresh new look.


Phigora was able to drastically improve its Shopify store without completely rebuilding it. It also avoided hiring a large agency or in-house development team, therefore saving time and money. This collaboration resulted in increased web traffic, improved user experience, decreased bounce rate, and increased conversions.