Avex Case Study

Project details
  • Timeline

    July 2022 - present

  • Platform

    Shopify Liquid and Hydrogen, CRM and Headless

  • Applied Labs role

    Providing Shopify Engineering resources

About Avex

Avex is a Shopify Plus Partner Agency and Commerce development agency that leverages the power of the platform to design, develop, and optimize beautiful eCommerce websites for fashion & lifestyle brands.


Having outstanding design, marketing and strategy teams, Avex has been on a solid growth path. However, the company was looking for a technical partner to help manage a growing demand for complex technical delivery.


Applied Labs involved its top technical team to architect and deploy the initial solution, establish effective engineering processes and augment the existing engineering team with additional resources. This ensured continuous technical delivery, team scalability and support. Applied Labs brought in a unique combination of eCommerce engineering expertise and staff augmentation capabilities, which allowed Ave to confidently execute multiple projects of various complexities.

John Surdakowski

John Surdakowski


Applied has helped Avex scale our engineering team by providing fast and effective training, placement and support for our devs. Our developers are fully integrated into the team and we’ve drastically reduced churn and improved efficiency within our development department.


As a result of Applied Labs' strategic intervention, Avex experienced a seamless integration of top-tier technical expertise and efficient engineering processes. This collaboration empowered Avex to confidently undertake and successfully execute multiple projects of varying complexities, meeting the growing demand for advanced technical solutions. With the support of Applied Labs, Avex's outstanding design, marketing, and strategy teams were able to synergize with a strengthened technical backbone, propelling the company further along its solid growth path.